Atheists Discuss The Bible: Christians Don’t Understand God!

Atheists Discuss The Bible: Christians Don’t Understand God! November 21, 2020

This clip from The Daily Atheist Morning Show features the host of the podcast Dragons in Genesis Jason Foux. Co-host Andy (hey, that’s me!) asks him the connection between Yahweh and El. Jason responds with a tour de force explanation of their convoluted relationship and how Christians do not understand their own god.

Here is a bit about Jason.

Born and raised in south Louisiana, Jason grew up a devout Catholic. He spent ten years as an altar server, was co-founder of the church youth group, gave educational talks and presentations, and in his early twenties was preparing to become a catechism teacher. At this point, he read the Bible for the first time and that exercise destroyed his belief in God. The absence of religion left a hole in his life which he filled by studying the origins of religious texts and near eastern mythology. Now, when he isn’t working or hiking with his dog, his head is in the books, learning more secrets hidden within the Bible and passing that knowledge on to his listeners.

And here is the video. You can check it out on YouTube via this link.

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