Deer Runs Away With Hunter’s Rifle

Deer Runs Away With Hunter’s Rifle November 28, 2020

This is a true story from the Czech Republic. It’s a tale of a stag who took matters into its own hands (hoves?) and turned the tables on his human foe.

Check out the story of this epic encounter.

The man was taking part in a hunt in a forested area near Horní Planá in the southwestern Czech Republic last week when the group spotted the animal.

But before they could shoot, a dog spooked the beast and it ran towards one of the hunters.

Its antler got caught on the deerstalker’s left sleeve and ripped it, sending the rifle – which was hanging on the man’s shoulder – sliding down his arm.

The rifle then got stuck in the critter’s antlers. For some reason, the rifle was unloaded which seems odd to me if you’re going deer hunting. Wouldn’t you want your boomstick to be loaded?  And yes, it may have been hilarious if the rifle was loaded because then you’d the potential for a Darwin award to be given out.

I wasn’t too surprised by this story. If you’re around deer it’s only a matter of time when you come up with a weird tale.

My Deer Story

I lived in an area where deer were not uncommon. And I have an odd story of how one met his maker in my back yard.

When my kids were young (6 and 3) we were living in the suburbs and had a fence around our property. There were two gates. The gates would latch when they closed.

(You can probably see where this is going.)

The kids’ grandmother was babysitting. Sometime midmorning she noticed the kids were watching something out the back door. It was a glass door that opened up to our deck. She took a look and saw a deer was running around the yard. It must’ve popped the gate open only to have it latch when it closed, effectively trapping it.

The kids’ grandmother wondered what to do. And as she considered her options, the animal collapsed. It didn’t get up again.

“Bambi’s sleeping!” my youngest cried out.

Granny realized it was the best idea for the kids to do something else besides gazing out at the “sleeping” animal. She plopped them in front of the TV and called animal control.

I don’t know if the critter had a stroke or a heart attack or something else. What I do know is that it died. Thankfully my kids don’t remember the incident.

Do you have a deer story?

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