Democracy Public Service Announcement – Saturday Night Live

Democracy Public Service Announcement – Saturday Night Live November 1, 2020

Kate McKinnon wants you to know it’s OK to believe in the innate *goodness of Americans (*terms and conditions apply).

Democracy PSA – SNL  is a fun little bright shining beacon of hope a funny and perhaps just a little too truthful analysis of the condition of the United States of America as it hurtles towards election day. Characters share their hopes and dreams in this short video.


As many of you know, fascism isn’t democracy. However, many of our fellow citizens are confused. It’s as if they’ve been brainwashed by Republican propaganda over the last few decades and believe fascists are patriots. And while SNL did a wonderful job summarizing our collective fear of voters choosing fascism over freedom, I wanted to make a public service announcement video about the former.

So, here is An Ad For The Future Of The United States

This Reindeer Don’t Play Games can be bought here!

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