Patrick Green Talks Transgender Rights And Much More

Patrick Green Talks Transgender Rights And Much More November 10, 2020


Patrick L. Green is my guest. He blogs over at Transparent Expedition and we got to talk about his writing, photography, parenting, and the recent election.

Here is Pat’s bio.

Pat Green is a former minister who left ministry and entered the secular life around the time his son came out as transgender.

Today, as a photographer, writer, and a storyteller, he is trying to navigate his way through this new existence. His professional writing has been seen in various publications both online and in print for over the last 12 years. He was a regular contributor to 22nd Century Media, Aquarius News, and also in the Secular Spectrum on Patheos.

Pat also wrote a book in 2015 titled, “Night Moves: An Ex Preachers Journey to Hell in a Taxi“, which is available online on Amazon. His professional photography has been featured in various newspapers, websites, and other formats since 1985. Most recently, Pat is a proud member of The Artist Guild Of Lockport. With Pat’s passion for his son, his new life is told as honestly and as openly as he can be.

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Here’s the link to the video on YouTube


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