What Are Atheists Afraid Of?

What Are Atheists Afraid Of? December 17, 2020

What are atheists afraid of?  Ask an evangelical and you may get answers like Atheists are afraid of God! or Atheists are afraid of the truth! It’s easy to look at a group you aren’t acquainted with in a two dimensional way. The less you know the more likely it is to make assumptions.

There Is No Atheist Pope

Atheists, of course, are not a monolithic group. Atheism is at its base simply a refusal of the statement God exists. The godless come in many shapes and sizes. Some of us believe in ghosts. Some believe that intelligent alien life visits Earth regularly. And some may believe in some reincarnation.

Here in the United States atheists are defined by being against the ever-encroaching menace of Christian fascism. You may not be able to herd cats, but when wolves are at the door even felines may find common cause for action. Would you have The Satanic Temple without the Satanic panic? Would there be godless organizations fighting for church-state separation if churches weren’t trying to tear that wall down?

And that’s where we can find the answer to the question What atheists are afraid of?

The Answer Isn’t God

How did humans come to be? What’s the best way to think about human consciousness? What’s the best method of dealing with gun violence or the climate crisis? The answer to all those questions is not God. Thoughts and prayers are just as useless in preventing tragedy as personal revelation is to explain natural phenomena.

The answer to What are atheists afraid of? of is not God.

Michael Wiseman hosts the show The Bible Says What? As the name suggests the show delves into the odd and weird nooks and crannies of the so-called Good Book. The twist is that Michael’s guests are commonly pastors, reverends, priests who aren’t aware they are about to be grilled on what they believe and why. Predictably, the format of the show leads to interesting conversations.

I had a chance to chat with Michael and we stumbled on the subject of religiosity and mental illness. What is the connection if there is any? And that’s when he said what he’s afraid of. It seems to resonate with quite a few atheists.

Check out this under 60-second video.

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