Eric Trump Vanished For Days

Eric Trump Vanished For Days January 22, 2021

Washington DC- Eric Trump was missing for days. The 37-year-old son of the former President was last seen playing checkers with his half brother Barron in the White House rumpus room. It wasn’t until the Trump clan landed in Florida when Donald asked, “Where’s the dumb one?”

Someone on the plane knew, but they weren’t saying anything.

Eric Trump, Once Lost Now Found

Eric Trump reemerged today, White House sources report. Apparently, he’s been locked in a broom closet working hard on his word search book.

“I was told Dad needed all these words found, ASAP,” Eric told a janitor. “If all these words weren’t found, then Sleepy Joe Biden might get inaugurated.”

Eric Trump was visibly disturbed when he found out Joe Biden is now President of the United States. It turns out he wasn’t able to find all the words in his word search book.

“Finding words in an unlit closet is tough,” said the janitor. “Eric didn’t say why he had to do it in the closet, but it seemed really important to do it there.”

Was Barron To Blame?

Yes, yes he was. For the last four years, the youngest Trump pranked his older brother mercilessly. In one instance, Barron placed missing person posters around the White House confusing poor Eric.

Eric Trump walked into the White House on October 3rd, 2019 thinking it was just another day at the office. Sure, the staff giggled at him as he walked past, but he had gotten used to that. They were just jealous of his incredible brain, second only to his dad’s and Don Jr’s. Slowly Eric realized the chuckles were a bit more bold than usual. He turned a corner to go see what father was tweeting about when he stumbled on an entire hallway plastered with missing person posters. These were no ordinary missing person posters. Each one had a picture of Eric.


Eric Trump missing poster.At one point Eric thought he was lost and called 911 to find out where he was.

Close friends of Barron’s aren’t surprised by this turn of events and they don’t think he’s going to stop giving Eric a hard time either.

In related news, fearing bankruptcy Melania Trump restarts her modeling career.


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