‘The Best Vaccine Is A Gun’ Says Representative Marjorie Greene

‘The Best Vaccine Is A Gun’ Says Representative Marjorie Greene January 30, 2021

Washington DC-  Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is the center of many controversies. She’s on the record advocating for the assassination of former President Obama and other Democratic lawmakers. Representative Greene once said she thought Jewish space lasers created California wildfires. She also believes school shootings are faked in order to take guns away from gun owners.  And now she’s urging “God-fearing Armericans ” to pick up their weapons and attack COVID-19.

A Bizarre Vaccine Update

Representative Greene held her own press conference in order to fight what she considers the false narrative around the coronavirus vaccine. Reporters from conservative “news” outlets attended like OAN, News Max, and FOX News. Fact-based journalists were also there. However, they weren’t planning to report whatever Greene was about to say. Rather, they couldn’t help but investigate how bright the dumpster fire was going to shine.

“I could be reporting on the Democratic push for a COVID relief bill,” said cub reporter Andrew Canard. “But I’ve been working hard all week. I deserve a break today, and crazy talking Marjorie Greene is a one-person Jerry Springer show.”

Once Representative Greene took the podium, she urged citizens to take up the torch of liberty and shoot coronavirus wherever it is found. Appealing to her evangelical base she mentioned it was OK to shoot your Nanna or Pop-pop if they had the COVID. Those killed will get to see Jesus a bit earlier than expected and those going to Hell will start their eternal punishment sooner.

The ‘Bullet Vaccine’ Is Not Approved

Dr. Anthony Faucci seems to be a happier man these days. No longer is he under the yoke of an insane and criminal President who doesn’t believe in fact-based facts. Faucci smiles more and some noticed he stands a bit taller. Even though he no longer has a crazy boss, he does have to confront misinformation conspiracy theorists are trying to spread.

Today he addressed the world and made it explicit: There is no such thing as a bullet vaccine.

Listen, we have real vaccines based on medical science. Front line workers and the elderly are receiving them even as we speak. New treatments are coming, too. Americans will be able to get the newly approved Johnson and Johnson vaccine along with ones we already have like those from Moderna and Pfizer.

You can’t shoot a virus. They are small – microscopic. Shooting someone already infected is counterproductive. Put on masks, keep socially distancing, and soon you will get vaccinated and we’ll win the war against COVID.

The GOP Responds

House Republicans are taking a stand concerning Representative Marjorie Greene’s behavior. They made her Queen of the QAnon caucus. Many like-minded representatives are thankful for a leader like Greene who isn’t afraid to say all the crazy things they wished they had the courage to say.

In related news, Eric Trump is finally found.


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