The Book That Caused The Satanic Panic

The Book That Caused The Satanic Panic February 18, 2021

The Satanic Panic started in the 1980s. This moral hysteria focused on the idea there were cults of Satanists torturing children. Many victims of the Panic had their lives destroyed. During this time those who operated child daycare centers lived in fear of being accused of ritually abusing children. Some of the accused went to jail.

If you’re thinking the Satanic Panic sounds eerily similar to the Qanon conspiracy, then you’re right. The Qanon conspiracy theory that there are rape tunnels under Hillary Clinton’s house is Satanic Panic 2.0 .

Lucien Greaves cofounded The Satanic Temple. In this clip, he explains how the book Michelle Remembers launched the Panic in 1980. (Here is a link to the video.)

Michelle Remembers the book that came out in 1980 and is credited with kicking off the Satanic Panic. It was supposed to be the true story of the recovered memories of one Michelle Smith who went to a Catholic psychiatrist and under hypnosis recalled these elaborate detailed stories of being abused by a satanic cult that her family belongs to.

This story was taken seriously by daytime talk shows. They went on Oprah. They went on other high profile shows despite the fact that is a supernatural horror tale. It doesn’t end with the idea that there is some kind of Satanist doing depraved things in the secular world. Satan himself makes an appearance in this book. Saint Michael comes and drives him off. Jesus descends from the heavens and removes scars from her.

Lucien and two other Satanists were guests on my Late Show to talk about their Michelle Remembers parody piece. Here is a link to the full video,

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