Charles Manson: Christian Leader

Charles Manson: Christian Leader March 17, 2021

Charles Manson led a Christian mystery cult. Jason Foux hosts the Dragons in Genesis podcast and explains how the Manson family had features of a classical mystery religion.

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I guess you could probably say that the Manson family was a Christian mystery cult. People that went into it were basically lost youth, and they just thought they were in this, you know, 1960s free love community. And then gradually you find out that you know this guy named Charles Manson is Jesus. You know there’s this whole doomsday prophecy? You know, helter skelter. It’s going to come about within their lifetime. There will be this giant race war. You have to do these certain things to survive it which includes prepping for it, getting all these supplies, setting up in a cave in the desert, and killing certain people to kick start it.

But most of the people in the family didn’t know all of this. They only got bits and pieces as they were ready, so I think the Manson family could be a modern Christian mystery cult.

Now, you may think it’s a radical idea to call Manson and his followers a Christian cult. However, look at the Christian cult QAnon and you can see the similarities.

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