American Evangelicals Celebrate The Taliban’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Victory

American Evangelicals Celebrate The Taliban’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Victory April 21, 2021

President Joe Biden is ordering every combat soldier out of Afghanistan and ending the United States’ longest conflict. The US military invaded the country shortly after 9/11 and has since been fighting the Taliban. In a strange twist, American evangelical leaders are celebrating the withdrawal as a win for religious rights.

Evangelicals Are Pro-Religious Liberty And Pro-Taliban

Until recently American evangelicals seemed to be unfocused. Since President Trump lost the election these born-again Christians have roamed the political landscape like Moses and his followers muddled their way on the Sinai Peninsula. However, President Biden is giving them a reason to celebrate.

Here’s how specific ministers, reverends, and influencers are reacting to the Taliban victory:

Face masks are Satan’s way of keeping you from breathing in the Holy Spirit. I don’t believe in Mohamed, but those Muslim freedom fighters in Afghanistan agree with us on masks.  – Reverend of Global Vision Bible Church Greg Locke

Women. Are women people or are they walking talking ribs? God already told us. Even the Taliban know women aren’t men — they are extensions of men. That’s why I’m celebrating their winning America’s longest war. – Matt Powell author of My Leaky Anus for Christ

The Taliban just ordered millions of my Joel Osteen’s Inspiration Cube – Islamic Prosperity Edition and I’m tickled pink. Those brave men are doing great things for their nation. – Joel Osteen

In related news, Representative Matt Gaetz has a new billboard.



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