An Atheist Converts To Islam – Atheists React

An Atheist Converts To Islam – Atheists React April 7, 2021

This a trigger warning. I’m going to refer to an incident where a friend’s wife was threatened with sexual assault.

I got a message on Facebook last night from a friend of mine who happens to be an atheist. He runs a good-sized atheist page and runs a skeptic site, so he’s plugged into the online atheist community. He let me know that a godless YouTuber Justin Downing converted to Islam. I was, to say the least surprised.

Justin heads the Empathetic Atheist channel. I’ve been a guest as well as a host for the show. It was a forum where people who held different opinions got together and talked. From my interactions with him, he seemed like he had a good heart and a good head on his shoulders.

As you would expect, there’s controversy. There are some hurt feelings on the godless side. And there’s some real concern about the crew Justin is hanging around with. A fellow YouTuber, Brainbug (one of the nicest people you will ever meet) had a run-in with one of Justin’s newly found Muslim associates. This person went on Brainbug’s Facebook page, took a look at his wife, and said he wanted to rape her.

I’m sharing two videos. Each is an hour long. The first is this morning’s Disappointed Cat Morning Show (9-9:55 am EST). It’s an analysis of the news from a left-of-center and godless point of view. I started the show by discussing Justin and his conversion before launching into news stories like the Trump official who is banned from running for office and the Oath Enforcers.

The second video is an open room. Several atheists stopped by and the conversation revolved around our reactions to one of our own converting to Islam. Brainbug (who was in the chat) then reveals the threat made against his wife.


Here is the first video.

Here is the second video

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