Facebook Versus Atheists And Atheism

Facebook Versus Atheists And Atheism April 6, 2021


Is Facebook targeting atheist pages and groups? Four of us sat down to talk about our experiences on the social media platform. I not only run the Laughing in Disbelief page but also the Atheist Comedy Burrito group and the Left of Center group, so I have a few stories to tell about falling victim to the Fb algorithm. Daniel Fisk Bennett runs the page Atheists Against Pseudoscientific Nonsense. He’s had to change how he runs his page. “Alan” – who needs to keep his true identity hidden – worked on a variety of pages and groups that no longer exist due to the Facebook ban-hammer coming down on them. Co-host Jack Matirko talks about how chapters of  The Satanic Temple have had to deal with Facebook.

Enjoy the conversation!

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