Senator Joe Manchin’s Sex Scandal

Senator Joe Manchin’s Sex Scandal April 11, 2021

Washington DC – Representative Matt Gaetz’s continuing sex scandal is being covered by all the news networks. Even FOX News is discussing the issue even though they are blaming Democrats for treating women like they are equal to men. The next scandal is only a few days from dominating the news cycle, and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is at its center.

Is Joe Manchin Even A Democrat?

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia made his career sticking his thumb in the eye of the Democratic Party and reforms that would make the United States of America a functioning nation. He wants to keep the filibuster and in doing so give Mitch McConnell and the Republicans a stranglehold on power even though they are in the minority. Recently, Senator Manchin voiced his dislike for President Joe Biden’s plan to raise the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28 percent.

Jacobin reported the story Joe Manchin Took Corporate Cash — Now He’s Defending Corporate Interests

Unlike Manchin’s private equity donors, which include familiar names like Ares Management, the attorneys and lawyers who have filled the senator’s campaign war chest mostly belong to the inscrutable name-soup of billboard regional law firms unknown to most voters, such as the West Virginia firm of Bailey, Javins & Carter, whose lawyers donated $6,400 to Manchin’s 2018 reelection campaign.

But those donations have added up. Since 2015, Manchin has received nearly eight hundred contributions averaging slightly less than $1,000 from lawyers in thirty-one states, according to data available through the Federal Elections Commission.

The article goes on to say that lawyers previous to the Trump tax cuts were typically taxed at a flat rate of 35%, and they are now taxed at 21%. Biden’s plan would raise that flat tax to 28%.

The Joe Manchin Sex Scandal

Patheos reporter Andrew Canard first broke this story. His investigation revealed Senator Joe Manchin has been cheating on his wife Gayle Heather Conelly for decades by having sexual relations with the Republican Party. Mr. Canard states he has ample evidence (photographs, emails, and public statements) showing how Senator Manchin has been and still is “the submissive party” in countless liaisons.

“I’m not calling the man a fascist. But he’s fascist-friendly,” Canard said.

Many Democrats are both panicking and happy at the same time. After all, if Manchin leaves office Republican Governor Jim Justice will appoint a super fascist to fill the position until the next election. On the other hand, watching Joe Manchin getting kicked out of office would be pretty awesome.

In related news, Derek Chauvin’s lawyers reveal their faith-based defense.

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