Tank Given To Police During Gun Amnesty

Tank Given To Police During Gun Amnesty April 10, 2021

In a strange but true story from the Czech Republic, a tank, as well as a self-propelled artillery piece, were turned in. And to make the story that bit weirder, the tank was painted pink.

Autoevolution published the piece Someone Surrendered a Pink Tank Under Ongoing Weapons Amnesty Program.

At the end of January this year, the Czech police announced that, under an amendment to the Weapons Act, anyone who had illegal weapons or ammunition could turn them in to the authorities or take steps to have them legalized, if possible. The holders would face no punishment, the announcement said. The campaign started right away and will continue until the end of July this year.

Sounds like a good policy. Bring in a dangerous weapon that no reasonable citizen needs and there are no consequences. Of course, many here in the States would say that sort of thinking is unAmerican, but I digress.

I’m guessing the police weren’t expecting someone to drive in a tank.

The other day, the police announced that, to their surprise, someone did turn a tank in. Actually, two tanks were surrendered: a self-propelled gun SD-100 (SU-100 tank destroyer) and a medium T34/85 tank, which, for whatever reason, is now rocking a faded Pepto-Bismol pink layer of paint. The stories this machine could tell, we can only imagine.

Always on social media, the police say that “both machines were handed over in the Hradec Králové region, they have devalued weapon systems, however, this devaluation does not meet current requirements and period documents are missing.” Both belong to the same owner, who is now hoping “to apply for a ‘downgrading’ permit under the current legislation.”

And now for another digression.

The T34 is one of the most well-known tanks in World War 2. While it wasn’t the “war winner” it was hyped up to be it performed well. If you have 30 minutes this video on the T34 explains its history.

If you don’t want to see the entire video, here are some specs of the machines from the article.

Both the SU-100 (Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 100) and the T-34 were used extensively in WWII, and then went on in service in the armies of Soviet allies. The SU-100 is a 4-crew machine with a maximum operational range of 250 km (155 miles), and a top speed of 48 kph (30 mph). The T-34/85 tank, introduced in 1940, is a 5-crew machine with heavily sloped armor, a maximum operational range of 300 km (186 miles), and a max speed of 53 kph (33 mph). Now also in pink.

Here’s a pic of the machines from the Czech Republic’s Twitter account.


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