Eric Trump Lost Millions In Dogecoin

Eric Trump Lost Millions In Dogecoin May 14, 2021

Eric Trump is following in his father’s footsteps. Former President Donald Trump lost fortunes in failed business ventures, and son Eric recently lost millions investing in the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Sources close to Eric say he bought high and sold really, really low losing a lot of real-world cash.

Eric Trump Buys Dogecoin

Eric could not help but notice how his younger brother Barron has been making tons of money by investing in Bitcoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies. The youngest Trump was more than happy to tell big brother how. “We’re living in the age of stupid money.  Dudebros who’ve been working from home for the past year have money to burn so a lot of them are losing it in crypto,” he said.

And that’s when it struck Eric, he was a dudebro who’s been working at home and out of the home. He could be that one guy who gets lucky and make bank off of stupid people.

Eric hadn’t paid any attention to Dogecoin before then. However, he knew Elon Musk was going to be on Saturday Night Live. Elon loved crypto. And when the mercurial billionaire talked about it the price went up. Eric bought gaggles of Dogecoin at 11 pm just before SNL started. His plan was to unload it shortly afterward.

It was easy money.

Money Isn’t Easy

Everything seemed to be going to plan. Musk made a few passing references to being “The Dogefather”  and Eric felt confident the price was going to the moon.

And then it happened. During The Weekly Update part of SNL, Musk played a financial guru. Comedian Michael Che asked him if Dogecoin was a hustle, and Musk answered yes.

Here is that clip from the show.

The price dropped quickly afterward. As many else panic sold so did Eric Trump. He lost his shirt and his pants.

Friends of Eric’s say he hasn’t learned his lesson. His newest get richer quick scheme is to invest in windmill cancer therapies.

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