Mental Health, Photography, And Atheism

Mental Health, Photography, And Atheism May 17, 2021

Pat Green sits down with Satanist Jack and Andy to talk about his new book Portraits of Expectations. Our conversation explores mental health, the LGBTQ community, atheism, and a lot more!

A bit about the book:

In the photobook “Portraits of Expectations: Coping Beauty,” Patrick Green explores the contrast and beauty of people when they’re using coping skills as opposed to living under the pressures of societal expectations and stigma. Green photographed seven models with various mental health conditions or neurodivergence and compared traditional directed portraits to free-form environmental portraits of them embracing the things that give them peace. He added emphasis with his own stories of struggle and peace. The author’s purpose is to illustrate that societal expectations of people with neurodivergence or mental health struggles is homogeneity. True beauty lies in the diversity of experience and these societal expectations driven by stigma harm those who struggle. The author writes in an intimate and informal tone for those who are neurodivergent or have mental health conditions.

Buy the book here and get 40% off when using the code TOGETHER4T at checkout.

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