A Practical Joke On A Conspiracy Theorist (Video)

A Practical Joke On A Conspiracy Theorist (Video) June 15, 2021

Paul Cammish is an atheist, a skeptic, and a fan of the Laughing in Disbelief YouTube channel. He’s debated the agents of woo (flat earthers, for example) and carries the torch for atheism and skepticism on his YouTube channel.

Paul is also a bit of a prankster.

He sat down with the YouTuber who runs Iger Television. I’ll just refer to him as Mr. Television. Mr. Television urges people “don’t take the jab looks like its the mark of the beast, magnets sticking to people etc…” And you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know Mr. Television is a Young Earth Creationist.

Paul describes him as someone who believes every conspiracy theory.

Friends, you may not know this — because you’re smart and don’t concern yourselves with not smart — that there’s a conspiracy theory going about that the COVID vaccine makes you magnetic. People have been making videos showing small metal objects sticking on their skin after getting the jab. These videos convince the uneducated and the gullible into thinking the vaccine is “the mark of the beast.”

The skin makes a substance called sebum. Sebum makes small objects stick to your skin. It isn’t magnetism.

Paul wanted to demonstrate how important it is to be skeptical of what you see on YouTube. So, he pulled a prank on Mr. Television with a coin and some adhesive.

This video starts out a little after the 23-minute mark. Be patient. Paul sets up the prank with a straight face and then executes it.

Here is a link to the full video.

And if you watch the video you’ll see the conspiracy theorist refuses to accept how important it is to be skeptical. Towards the end of the video, he still believes in the “vaccine makes you magnetic” gobbledygook because “he’s seen it with his own eyes.”


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