Anti-Vaxxer Grandparents Forbidden To See Grandchildren

Anti-Vaxxer Grandparents Forbidden To See Grandchildren June 13, 2021

Sacramento, California – The Democrat dominated state legislature passed a bill late last night that would effectively forbid grandparents who refuse to be vaccinated access to their grandchildren. The statute was immediately signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Dubbed by FOX News the Millenial Woke Law the new decree takes effect immediately. Those who break the edict face a $5,000 fine on the first offense. Second time around offenders will face a mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. In order to monitor sneaky anti-vax elders, the state will effectively monitor them via GPS tracking anklets. Of course, if the individual chooses to become vaccinated the tracking device will be removed.

Professor Andrew Canard teaches sociology at the University of California and helped develop the program. He believes it will help convince reluctant elders to get the jab. “Trump supporting Boomers need to wake up and take the vaccine,” he said. “They are holding the rest of us back.”

Now, most of the conservatives who’ve clicked on this article have already stopped reading. They read the first three paragraphs and are enraged. Some believe this bit of satire to be true. Maybe they’ll share it and one of their friends (or grandkids) will say, “Hey, maybe you should read the whole article.” Maybe. Maybe not. Now, back to the post.

Republicans are up in arms. Many are vowing a legal fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Pundits believe SCOTUS will strike down the law. However, court battles can take a long time. Until this matter gets resolved many anti-vaxxer grandparents in California will miss out on birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

In related news, Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks a Jewish deli.


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