Georgia Town Builds The Tower Of Babel Chicken

Georgia Town Builds The Tower Of Babel Chicken June 2, 2021

This very real story is about a giant 62-foot chicken being built in a town in southern Georgia. While the Tower of Babel was intended to reach up into the heavens this construct is hoping to bring in tourist dollars.

The Associated Press tells the fowl tale with Construction of 62-foot chicken underway in south Georgia

The framed outline of the giant chicken — standing 62 feet (19 meters) tall — now towers above nearby homes in the city of Fitzgerald. The finished product will be a gargantuan topiary, meaning the chicken will be sculpted from living plants growing on its frame like a huge garden lattice.

Leaders Fitzgerald announced plans for the chicken sculpture in 2019 as a feature to bring tourists to the city of 9,000 people. Mayor Jim Puckett said the coronavirus pandemic caused some construction delays, and the Tennessee-based artist known as Topiary Joe needed some down time to recover from surgery.

The citizens of Marietta may have beef with this bird. You see, their town has a 56-foot tall chicken aptly named the Big Chicken in Marietta.

What no one is talking about is the giant chicken race this new construct may start. Who knows how tall chicken statues will get? Southern Georgia may soon be littered with giant hens and/or roosters.

England has Stonehenge. Georgia will have enormous farmyard birds.

Even if you hate the idea of Babel-Chickens, you can appreciate one thing: QAnon nut Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is from northern Georgia. The giant birds will not have to share the limelight with her.


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