Mike Lindell’s Bigger Big Lie

Mike Lindell’s Bigger Big Lie June 4, 2021

MyPillow and Donald Trump’s unofficial favorite MyLiar Mike Lindell admitted he cooked up the idea Trump will be reinstated as President in August. That is just one of the stories featured on today’s The Disappointed Cat Morning Show at 9 am EST.

Looking at the news through an atheist and politically progressive lens is what we do on the YouTube live stream. As I go over major news stories affecting our community, viewers in the chat comment and offer their insights. And we do it all in a lighthearted manner.

Other stories we’re covering today:

  • Arctic ice is melting faster than previously thought
  • Antisemitism at Google
  • Black Americans are getting evicted at a higher rate than whites

I hope you check out the show live. However, if you can’t you can always view the video afterward.

Check it out!

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