Americans Who Attend Church Regularly Are More Likely To Be Fascists

Americans Who Attend Church Regularly Are More Likely To Be Fascists July 28, 2021

White Americans who attend church services at least once a month are more likely to be fascists than those who attend less frequently, an Economist/YouGov poll released Tuesday finds. On the other end of the spectrum, Americans who say they never go to church are the most likely to view fascism unfavorably.

The Economist reports it was seeking to test two theories, one being that Americans “who have no religious affiliation find themselves attracted to democracy.” The other, which has been posited by the likes of Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), is that “modern strains of Christian evangelicalism … do not satisfy all worshipers,” causing them to “find community and salvation in fascism and white supremacy.”

The findings suggest the first theory to be true while the analysis of the second one is also true. The Economist and YouGov have data on how frequently people attend church, as well as how satisfied individuals feel with their church community. “It is clear those who have a favorable opinion of fascism do so because they want membership of a social group, as Mr. Sasse and others claim. White Americans who attend church are more susceptible to conspiratorial thinking,” said lead researcher Professor Andrew Canard.

In related news, Senator Mitch McConnell rebrands the COVID vaccine as Freedom Medicine.

This satirical tale is based on this news story Americans who attend church frequently are more likely to view QAnon favorably.

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