Catholic Churches, Stoned Fish, And A Shaman

Catholic Churches, Stoned Fish, And A Shaman July 8, 2021

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Here are the news stories we’re covering today:

Q Shaman

A federal judge on Tuesday denied the latest attempt to spring the self-styled “Q Shaman” from a Colorado jail ahead of his trial.

Jacob Chansley, who gained notoriety by wearing a headdress with fur and horns during the January 6 Capitol siege, faces six charges stemming from the insurrection


Former President Donald Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube over their suspensions of his accounts after a mob of his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol in January.

Trump filed class action complaints in federal court in Florida, alleging the tech giants are censoring him and other conservatives — a long-running complaint on the right for which there is little evidence and that the companies deny.

Catholic Canada

Catholic officials said in 2015 they could only fundraise a total of $3.9 million for residential school survivors, but efforts for Catholic cathedrals and other buildings across Canada reached nearly $300 million since November 2005, according to data gathered by CBC News.

The actual number may be higher. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops declined a CBC News request this week to ask its member bishops for the information. The figure of $292 million resulted from searches of individual dioceses’ websites and other public sources.

Fishy drugs

Brown trout can become addicted to the illegal drug methamphetamine when it accumulates in waterways, according to new research.

Researchers led by Pavel Horky, a behavioral ecologist from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, set out to investigate whether illicit drugs alter fish behavior at levels found in bodies of water, according to the study published Tuesday.
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