Texas Bill Adds Teaching Requirement That Atheism Is ‘Morally Wrong’

Texas Bill Adds Teaching Requirement That Atheism Is ‘Morally Wrong’ July 20, 2021

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Politics in Texas is tumultuous. Democratic politicians fled the state because they refused to take part in restricting voter rights. The Texas Senate then dropped a requirement to teach students that the KKK is morally wrong. And just when it seems impossible for things to get any more chaotic, the Lone Star State shows the world it can not be underestimated. The Texas Senate voted to add a measure that adds a teaching requirement to teach students atheism and atheists are morally wrong.

The bill states that students need to be taught “Atheists represent an existential threat to American values” and “Atheism leads to communism, socialism, and is anti-Texas.”

While other sections of the proposed law demand teachers not to moralize about World War II, the Holocaust, and slavery lawmakers were quite clear they want students to know it’s impossible to be good without God.

Senator Andrew Canard penned the anti-atheist language. He believes schools are institutions that are meant to “train up children” to become morally upright citizens. “How can you be good without God? My dog Himmler believes in the Almighty and he is a very good boy.”

The legislation heads to the House. The GOP also dominates that chamber. The bill is expected to pass quickly and will then head to Governor Greg Abbott for signing.

Democrats aren’t raising too much resistance to the bill since the midterm elections are looming and no one wants to stick up for atheists only to lose their seat in 2022.

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