The Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter Attack On Chinese Food

The Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter Attack On Chinese Food July 23, 2021

Washington DC – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is back in the news. The QAnon conspiracist went on Twitter and attacked Chinese food.

Patriots! China tried to kill us and is killing us We need tariffs against duck sauce. General MAO’s chicken is SANTANIC.

Even fans of Green’s were a bit confused. “Is she saying General Mao’s chicken is in league with Santa Claus?” asked one supporter.

President Trump Also Attacked Chinese Food

Although Greene’s tweet may seem bizarre, she is echoing former President Trump’s policy on the delicious but not so nutritious food.

Patheos reported the story President Trump Urges Americans To Boycott Chinese Restaurants.

China is taking us to the cleaners. Every dollar we give them enables this tragedy to go on. We are in a crisis. Americans need to stop ordering take out from Chinese restaurants. When eating in these places we need to stand up and walk out without paying the bill. #MAGA

In related news, Texas’ school curriculum targets atheists.


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