Fox News Mandates Its Employees Watch CNN

Fox News Mandates Its Employees Watch CNN August 20, 2021

The war between conservative Fox News and CNN is well known. For several years Fox personalities lobbed insults and insinuations against their foe. CNN reporters and journalists mercilessly fact-checked their foe exposing a web of racist dog whistles, lies, and disinformation. However, early this morning a Fox News memo surfaced ordering every single employee to watch CNN in order to “understand what’s really going on in the world.”

CEO Vice President of the news giant Andrew Canard penned the message. “Employees must use the CNN Tracker App to log in their time every single day. Employees will also need to fill out the news quiz. Failure to meet these expectations will be cause for disciplinary action which may include termination.”

Fox News officially refused to comment on why they are telling their viewers CNN is a burning dumpster fire of Antifa and Black Lives Matter while demanding employees to watch it. Anonymous sources within Fox, however, were more than happy to discuss the matter.

“Even we have a limit for stupid,” said one executive. “How can we lie about what’s going on if we don’t know what’s actually going on?”

The hypocrisy at the conservative media outlet is well known. CNN Business just ran the story Fox News mandates employees disclose vaccination status, contradicting rhetoric from top stars.

New York (CNN Business)The right-wing channel Fox News, whose top personalities have for months assailed the concept of vaccine passports and argued that asking about vaccine status amounts to a major intrusion of privacy, told employees this week that they must disclose their vaccination status to the company.

In a Tuesday memo updating staff on Covid-19 procedures, Fox News Media chief executive Suzanne Scott said that the company has “asked all employees — whether on site as part of our essential workforce or working remotely — to upload their vaccination status” into an internal database.
“All employees must enter their status no later than today, August 17th, by close of business,” Scott wrote, bolding that particular sentence in her email, which was obtained by CNN Business, but first reported on by AdWeek.

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