Donald Trump Offers New MAGA Online Workshops

Donald Trump Offers New MAGA Online Workshops September 24, 2021

Former President Donald Trump is offering fans and followers online workshops where he teaches the philosophy of Making America Great Again and being Donald J. Trump. He made the announcement on Twitter with all the Trump gusto the Republican base has come to know and love.


Do you want to be a leader? Want to sit in the big chair? Learn to be ME. That’s right, America. You get a chance to sit down and learn from the best, ME. TAKE MY COURSE. Make America Great Again by making yourself GREAT. Use the code MAGA and get 10% off.

Trump’s site explains what attendees can expect from the workshop:

Learn the fundamentals of being me in this live online workshop, including tweeting ALL CAPS, Dog Whistles 101, and being BOLD in a lively Zoom format with former White House interns. All times are Eastern Standard Time (ET) and all workshops last 2.5 hours.

All workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have a last-minute issue, email us and you are welcome to suck it, loser.

The cost of the class is $265. Graduates will receive a signed sticky note from Eric Trump.

In related news, Iceland teaches students religion and science are incompatible.


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