Boston Bans Catholic Priest Costumes

Boston Bans Catholic Priest Costumes October 30, 2021

Boston, MA – Citing public safety, Boston’s city council voted 5-4 to ban all Catholic priest costumes this Halloween. Anyone found dressed as a priest, monk, bishop, friar, bishop, cardinal, or pope is subject to up to a $500 fine and 30 days in jail.

Mayor Andrew McKanard supports the move citing the history the city has with the Church’s sex abuse scandals. “We must support our kids and the indigenous people of Canada. Their children suffered and died while in the care of Catholic residential schools.”

Many in the United States aren’t aware of the horrors Canadian indigenous children and their families suffered.

NPR reports:

From the 1800s up to the 1990s, more than 150,000 children went through the system of 139 institutions across Canada, run by churches and the federal government. Children from Indigenous families were in some cases forced to attend boarding schools to assimilate them into white Canadian society. It became notorious for neglect and abuse and was deemed by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to have amounted to cultural genocide.

Is The Catholic Church Canceled?

No. The international criminal organization is still free to fight against democracy, equal rights for the LGBTQ community and women.

In related news, Joe Rogan explains data, information, and knowledge.

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