Child About To Get Traumatized At Church

Child About To Get Traumatized At Church October 8, 2021

Brockton, MA Six-year-old Mathew Finn has no idea that he is going to be crying for his mother within a scant ten minutes.

His Sunday morning had been going swimmingly well. He awoke early and watched cartoons. Afterward, his dad made him a giant pancake that had a smiley face made out of M&Ms. To top the morning off he was going to Sunday School where his teacher, Mrs. Merriman, will reward him with a bright shiny quarter for reciting his weekly Bible verse by memory.

Mathew Finn isn’t aware in ten minutes he is going to want to give back all those shiny quarters he had ever been given by the elderly Sunday School teacher. Because today is the day that he and all the other little six-year-old boys and girls in his class learn in graphic detail that Jesus Christ was crucified.

Sunday School had been full of stories of God’s love and funny animals going onto an ark. In a few minutes Mrs. Merriman will break out the visual aids like the poster board-sized pictures of Roman centurions whipping Jesus, Jesus getting nailed on the cross, and that Peter guy denying Jesus three times before that comical rooster crows.

Mathew Finn won’t even make it to that last picture. His eyes will open in disbelief, well up with tears, and then the dam will burst, and he will cry. He will demand to see his mother in order to stop all the madness. Once he is in his mother’s arms he will look up to her and say, “Why are they telling me this? I can’t even stay up past eight o’clock!”

Mathew Finn will never get a satisfactory answer.


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