QAnon Followers Are Now Wearing Diapers

QAnon Followers Are Now Wearing Diapers November 6, 2021

The newest QAnon conspiracy has members wearing diapers because they believe toilet paper is being laced with drugs. These drugs are rumored to make otherwise heterosexual men gay and women burn their Live Laugh Love household items.

“Q informed us of this latest attempt by Joe Biden to turn us into Canadians,” said QAnon influencer Andrew Canard. “We’re not being fooled by Chinese double-ply.”

Adult-sized diapers are flying off the shelves in stores around the country. Due to supply shortages, many areas are completely out. And this sad fact is leaving some of the QAnon faithful to DIY diapers.

“YouTube is a great source of information on how to make diapers out of everyday items,” one anonymous QAnon adherent said. “Tarps aren’t just for covering up grills.”

Scholars believe this diaper-based hysteria will soon fade only to be replaced by a new one. Until that time Q nation is going to be crappier than ever before.

In related news, Q believes this jar of pickles is JFK.

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