The Devil In The Details Turns Out To Be Jesus

The Devil In The Details Turns Out To Be Jesus December 13, 2021

A new study out of Miskatonic University shows that it isn’t Satan mucking up the works. Rather, Jesus of Nazareth is armpit deep in the details and making everything worse for everybody.

“You may have a socio-political principle that looks relatively easy to follow like the phrase All men are created equal but when you try to apply it to society in the 18th century you end up with chattel slavery,” said the head author of the research Professor Andrew Canard.”When you look at it under an electron microscope the problem isn’t Satan, It’s Jesus.”

Many scholars suspected Jesus and his dad were the problems all along. The phrase The Devil is in the details seems to be an organic offshoot of the phrase God is in the detail. There seems to be evidence that God wanted someone else to blame when things go wrong, and He manipulated the language to blame Satan.

There is an easy solution to the problem. The name of that solution is secularism.

“We get Jesus out of school, politics, and economics, well, he won’t be around to muck things up,” said Professor Canard. “It sounds easy, but the Jesus is in the details.”

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