Practicing Together #7

Practicing Together #7 March 11, 2013

Hello, Monday!  We say hello.  And we practice.

Snow on trees and a roof
Photo by me

This past week, I noticed the restorative powers of taking a five-minute break!  I also noticed that switching tasks is sometimes a break, but not always; sometimes I need to put everything down for a few minutes in order to access those restorative powers.

This coming week, I invite in ease.  I have been playing with how to balance the desire for integrity with wanting to avoid pushing or forcing, so this week I am willing to have things be easy, even if I don’t know how that could happen.

Ways this could work: It could just work. I could remind myself that things are or could be easy.  I could engage the power of the break.

What went well: We had the first truly warm day of the year!  It was too warm to wear a jacket and I had breakfast sitting in the sun and it was lovely.

Updates on last week: Last week, I invited in the power of stepping away from binary thinking and finding a third way.  I learned that part of what encourages me towards binary thinking is the search for perfect instead of good, so I’m looking forward to continuing to attend to this area this week by seeking ease.

As always, you are invited to practice with me at any time, here or somewhere else or in your head.  I would love to hear about it!

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