Practicing Together #13

Practicing Together #13 April 22, 2013

budding tree and city builting
Photo by me

It’s Monday (barely!), so we practice together.  You are welcome to join in comments, on social media, in your own blog, or just in your head at any time during the week.

This past week, I noticed the extraordinary tension between hope and heartache in my city.  In fact, I had a hard time noticing much else.  My week was bookended by the heart-rending events in my city, and filled with the awareness that in too many cities around the world, the kind of violence and police presence that shocked and scared us all last week is a near-daily occurrence and nothing worth remarking on.

This coming week, I invite in peace.  May peace prevail: in the hearts of those touched by the past week’s tragedies all over the world, known and unknown; in the streets of every city in every land; on this beautiful Earth.  May peace prevail.

Ways this could work: I could find a little more compassion for something hard.  I could learn about something new.  I could stay with this wish for peace.  We could all find ways together.

Update from last week: Last week, I asked to savor lovely things.  In an odd way, it worked: the intensity of the week made everything seem like more.  Also, all of the trees in Boston burst into bloom.  I am trusting that in some way, this makes sense.

Deep peace to you.

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