Practicing Together #14

Practicing Together #14 April 29, 2013

Hello again, Monday!  We practice together on Mondays, noticing and inviting.  As always, you can join us at any time during the week.

This past week, I noticed that my actions haven’t entirely kept up with my belief that anything we can do by pushing and forcing and badgering ourselves, we can also do with ease and grace and playfulness and a sense of possibility.  The gap is biggest when I feel like I have too much to do or haven’t got a handle on the big picture of how the things will fit together.

This week, I invite in patience.  I am willing to be in the place that I’m in, even if it doesn’t always feel great.  It’s okay to just observe where I am right now, without trying to change or fix anything.

Ways this could work: It could just work.  I could hang out with things that are slower than I am: rocks, maybe, or trees.

What went well: Weeks ago, I lost a ring that I have sentimental attachment to.  This week, I found it hiding under my desk!  Hooray!  All that is mine returns to me.

Updates from last week: I wished for peace, and in classic style, what I noticed were barriers to peace — places where I harden, judge, or withdraw.  So I think this wish could also use some patience!

I look forward to hearing about what you’ve noticed this week.

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