Why I Am A Witch

Why I Am A Witch April 3, 2013

The Great Nebula in Orion
Photo by Jesus Vargas and Marxitu Poyal

Before the beginning, there was only desire.  Desire moved the sacred into form.  I don’t know if it was one form or two or if it exploded at once into many gorgeous facets of life; when God Herself whispers this story into my ear, She doesn’t always tell it the same way.  

This is why I am a witch: it moves me.  This story breaks my heart open to experience the suffering and gorgeousness of the world a little more deeply.  These practices move me, inch by inch, towards wholeness, service, purpose, delight.  Sometimes, they explode my world into so many tiny, shimmering fragments that I can’t tell creation from destruction, myself from the night sky.  These are some of the most powerful and heart-wrenchingly beautiful experiences of my life.

My desire, which is one and the same as the desire that brought the universe into being, is connection, and this tradition leads me to see it at every turn, in every stone and star, every skyscraper and microchip, and every single living being who shares this astounding world with us.  I love everything about that, and so I am a witch.


This post is a contribution to Patheos’ Blogger Challenge, asking writers to explain their religious choices in 200 words or less.

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