Practicing Together #16

Practicing Together #16 May 29, 2013

So all last week, I was at Rites of Spring!  I forgot to tell you about this before it happened, and then I was there and internet-free for a whole week.  I have a mess of posts saved up, but I wanted to practice together for this week, taking my own admonition that you can join in at any time as seriously as I hope you take it!

Our beautiful lake

While I was there, I noticed how much difference a change makes.  It was hot and sunny at the very beginning of the week, and again at the end, but we appreciated it a thousand times more after several days of rain and two days when it was quite cold to boot!

This week, I invite in peace with the liminality of this week.  I’m traveling again at the end of the week, so I won’t really be unpacked for a bit yet.  Rather than worrying about that, I’m trying to lean into the unsettled feeling and remember the way it felt to stand in the freezing cold lake.

What went well: under trying circumstances, so many people showed extraordinary generosity and good cheer.  We checked on each other more.  We talked more.  We napped more.  It wasn’t what we were expecting, but it felt fruitful in a different way, and that in itself was really lovely.



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