Vlog: The War on Reason

Vlog: The War on Reason July 23, 2012

In this week’s vlog, I discuss the way ACE attacks logical reasoning within its curriculum materials. This is not something I expect from a good educational system.

I should note that when I said reason is the only means we have for discovering the truth, I was being rather imprecise. I meant for that term to include the scientific method, consideration of evidence, and rational inquiry more widely.

Some of my Christian readers will take issue with my saying that it’s the only method for discovering truth; some of you will want to give faith a place for that too. I’m not sure I agree, but let’s find some common ground. I think liberal Christian readers will agree that, if God gave us the power of reason, He intends for us to use it. And that we use our powers of reason in judging the right interpretation of faith and revelation.

ACE’s take on reason makes their religion entirely unfalsifiable. They’re saying that, even if you could logically disprove their beliefs, it would make no difference. Your logic would simply be wrong, because it’s not God’s logic. That means your beliefs could be untrue, and you would have no way of knowing. This was the single biggest thing that made me lose my faith. I just could not accept that the path to truth and the path to deception should look identical.

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