Vlog: Accelerated Christian Education on Ancient History

Vlog: Accelerated Christian Education on Ancient History July 30, 2012

… in which I get fired up and go on a bit of a rant.

Education is about learning concepts and how they interrelate, to build a personal understanding of how the world works. The disjointed facts approach taken by ACE can never generate this. The method of education is as much at fault as the content.

This is my third vlog. There others were on:

The latter has received fewer views despite being clearly the better video, proving that the success of my posts has little to do with what I say and a lot to do with whether I get mentioned on Andrew Brown’s Guardian blog or retweeted by Roger Ebert:

That tweet drove 3,000 hits an hour. Even in the new, democratic Internet world of communication, you still can’t compete with the power of celebrity.

So it would be delightful if you’d tweet about this. Especially if you have half a million followers.

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