BBC Radio Berkshire TODAY

BBC Radio Berkshire TODAY January 17, 2013

News of my awesomeness has spread rapidly, it seems.

Today I will be appearing on BBC Radio Berkshire’s Mike Read show from 3:00 UK (for my geographically and arithmetically challenged US buddies, that’d be 9:00am Central and 10:00 Eastern). You can listen live online here.

I’m not officially on to talk about religious extremists – I’m there promoting my music (My Listen EP, available now as a limited edition signed and numbered CD) – but I’m sure I’ll wind up mentioning that 2,000 children in the UK attend institutions that, according to their founders, exist primarily for the purpose of indoctrination.

If you miss the show, it will be available afterwards on the listen again page.

Don’t forget my Skeptics in the Pub talk afterwards, at Copa, King’s Road, from 7:30.

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