The Christian Schools’ Trust

The Christian Schools’ Trust February 25, 2013

Although I usually blog about Accelerated Christian Education, they’re not the only Christian schools in the UK that could be called fundamentalist.

The Christian Schools’ Trust is just as keen on Biblical inerrancy, just as opposed to evolution, and just as keen on spanking. But without the bizarre ACE learning center set up, they appear much more normal from the outside.

Today, I’ve joined The Heresy Club to talk about the CST.

There’s a group of 40 schools where only 10% of pupils accept the theory of evolution and 27% accept that the Earth is billions of years old, while 80% believe in a literal hell and 68% believe homosexuality is wrong.


Combined with the approximately 60 (separate) Accelerated Christian Education schools in the UK, that means there are around 100 Creationist schools operating without transparency or critique. They’re not even subject to the same inspection standards as other schools. The CST and the Association of Muslim Schools UK joined forces to form the Bridge Schools’ Inspectorate. This means they don’t have to deal with OFSTED, the UK schools inspectorate, but instead effectively inspect themselves.

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