Government money for ACE schools in the UK

Government money for ACE schools in the UK March 8, 2013

This will be short: I was in the middle of something else when I came across the latest Ofsted inspection report for Carmel Christian School, an ACE school in Bristol.

On page 3:

Currently there are 17 boys and 23 girls on roll; this number includes 17 children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, all of whom receive government funding. Twelve of these children attend part time. The school is run on Christian principles and provides a curriculum with a significant emphasis on Bible teaching. The curriculum is taught through Packets of Accelerated Christian Education (PACEs).

Wait… what? Government funding to EYFS children in ACE schools? Where else is this happening?

I’m getting on the phone to the NSS and the BHA right now to see about getting this stamped out. 

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