Upcoming events

Upcoming events September 13, 2013

I keep forgetting to let my blog readers know about upcoming talks I’m doing. To fix this, I’ve created a speaking dates page, which I will keep updated with all of the times and places you can come to hear me drone on about fundamentalism, creationism, and ACE.

I’m getting a lot of invitations at the moment so expect more to be added often. Currently in the diary are:

October 15, 2013     Leicester Skeptics in the Pub     Details

October 22, 2013     Bristol University AASS     Contact the AASS for details

November 4, 2013     Nottingham University Secular Society     Contact

November 26, 2013     Plymouth Humanists     Details

February 12, 2014     London Atheist Activist Group     Details     Facebook

April 29, 2014     Cambridge Skeptics in the Pub      Details

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