Putting Christianity ahead of Christ

Putting Christianity ahead of Christ November 26, 2013

Most of the Christians that read this blog seem to get it. They know that when someone has been abused by Christians, that is not the time for evangelism. It is the time for supporting victims and standing up against injustice. But sometimes we get a reader who is more concerned about the image of Christianity™ than they are about caring for people. Or someone who thinks that a victim might be low-hanging fruit for conversion. Evangelicalism: Spreading itself by preying on the weak.

Typically, the critic will take offence and claim that the blog suggests all Christians are abusive (which it never does). Why have I not specifically mentioned in every post that not all Christians are like this? How could I attack Christianity like that? To which my response is: What the hell is wrong with you? You can read a blog post about a girl being raped, and your first concern is that it might make your religion look bad. You know what actually makes religion look bad? Covering up rape, you morally bankrupt fuck.

So someone complained yesterday, for instance, that the distinction was not adequately clear between fundamentalist Christians and other Christians (had they read the post?). Anais’ post also mentioned that her abuser was a man. Would you like me to point out that not all men are rapists? The post mentioned she was home schooled using ACE. Do I need to add that there are other homeschool curricula available?

Some of the people Jesus criticised most harshly were Jews. Are you upset that the Lord didn’t stop and add “Of course, not all Jews act like these Pharisees?” Should Jesus have kept quiet about the money lenders in the Temple to avoid bringing harm to the reputation of Judaism?

Some of the most valuable supporters of this blog are Christians. They don’t bring up irrelevant arguments in the comments. They remind us all through their actions that not all Christians are fundamentalists. They do this by showing compassion for the victims of fundamentalism.

The article in question is about a girl getting raped. If someone later uses this as an excuse to attack all Christians, they will be wrong to do so. But this hasn’t happened yet, and may never happen. Deal with that problem if and when it comes up. In the meantime, have a good hard think about why you were more keen to defend the  institution of Christianity than  you were to act like Christ.

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