“This is why everyone hates atheists”

“This is why everyone hates atheists” December 16, 2013

I’ll be honest: The reaction from ACE’s defenders to my last post was not uniformly positive.

It began with this:

Facebook argument 1

At this point, blog regular and former guest-poster Aram McLean chipped in. Now, we can’t remember exactly what he said, because in all the excitement Aram’s original comment got deleted. But, to the best of both our memories, it was something like this:


This was all too much for our ACE-defending hero, who unleashed the fury on both our asses:

Screenshot (1)And he did indeed block me; I had to get a friend to screenshot the last bit, because I can’t see it.


And he was not the only creationist who took offence to my suggestion that ACE’s education might be less than perfect.

Actually, before we look at that, allow me to introduce you to our next character, Mr Red. Mr Red is a full-throttle creationist. This was his response to the question “Does anyone here want to admit to being a young-Earth creationist?”

Anon defends creationism

Of course I’m a young earth creationist… I believe in science. 

I find it rather thrilling to come across such unabashed creationism – a chance sighting of this rare species in the wild. Mr Red is English and lives in England. People say we don’t have creationists like that here, but while they are endangered, clearly they do exist.

His full discussion of evolution is a magnificent thing to behold.

Anon attacks evolution long“LOL”. He doesn’t just believe in creation. He thinks you are laughable for accepting evolution.

So my friend Mr Yellow showed him the post on ACE’s multiple-choice questions, and here’s his response.

Anon attacks me 1Now, the question of to what to extent I cherry picked the examples in my post is a reasonable and interesting one. I’ll probably blog about it soon. The short answer is that I obviously picked my favourite examples, but I think it is absolutely fair to say that ACE is riddled with poorly-designed, meaningless questions.

If Mr Red had stopped there, he might have had a reasonable point, but he didn’t. And then… well, holy crap. “Totally corrupt, vile, twisted, fascist biggotry [sic]… don’t have a brain cell… This is why everyone hates atheists.”

Everyone. Hates. Atheists.

I thought Christianity was about love?

Mr Yellow came to my rescue.

Anon attacks me 2

At some point I should do a post on the best, most rigorous questions I can find in the PACEs. That would be far more damning (though less funny) than a compilation of the worst.

Mr Yellow continued:

Anon attacks me 3

Mr Red had the final say.

Anon attacks me last

This is interesting. To me, Mr Red comes off like a belligerent prick. Clearly, I appear the same way to him. “Good old fashioned atheistic irrational hatred for Christians”.

Christian readers of my blog, do you feel hated? I certainly don’t feel hateful when I link to the excellent blogs by my friends Tim Chastain, Samantha Field, Tamara Rice, Lana Hope, or Hännah Ettinger (actually I haven’t linked to Hännah before. Go there; she’s great), all of whom have Jesus on their friends list. Oh wait, I forgot. They’re not true Christians. My mistake.

When browsing creationist or highly conservative websites, I often find people who will take the example of one individual behaving badly and use it to smear the entire group. So one ‘liberal’ says something off-colour, and immediately it’s “I hate libs. They’re all evil.” Let’s not make that mistake here. This is one creationist. Well, two, including Mr Black. I think this behaviour is widespread enough for this post to be worth making, but we shouldn’t assume this is representative of creationism more generally. (EDIT: Holy crap, check out this message board discussing my post for a case-in-point illustration of everything in this post) (EDIT 2: Holy mackerel, this one is even worse. Nobody comes out of this well.)

Nevertheless, you all know why I’m making this post: Because I’ve seen enough of this kind of behaviour to know it’s not isolated just to these two individuals. I think there’s a link. Of course, there are arseholes in every flavour of belief and non-belief. But I think creationism requires this kind of stubborn mindset in order to survive.

Now, I’m off to submit these quotes to Fundies Say the Darndest Things…

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