Hey, I’m Jonny.

I grew up in the UK as a Christian fundamentalist. Most people think this kind of fundamentalism does not exist in Britain, or it is limited to certain ethnic communities, like black pentecostals. They have no idea what fundamentalists believe, and certainly no clue what it’s like to be one.

I know all of these things. I know what it is to be lied to for an entire childhood, and then to spend your 20s trying to separate fact from fiction while worrying that you could be condemning yourself to eternal damnation.

So I am writing a book about it. This blog is for the research I turn up along the way that doesn’t fit into my book.

I’ve written about fundamentalism for the Times Education Supplement, and discussed it on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme, hosted by Edward Stourton.

Would you like me to write about any of these issues for your blog or magazine? Please get in touch.