Accelerated Christian Education

For its first year, this blog focused on Accelerated Christian Education, a cult-like fundamentalist education system where children work individually, in silence, at isolated desks. The science curriculum emphasises Young Earth Creationism and mocks evolution. The politics curriculum teaches the views of the Christian Right.

You will find all my posts on the subject by visiting the Accelerated Christian Education category.

In 2009, the government agency UK NARIC validated the ICCE, a qualification based on ACE, saying it was on a par with A levels. Having been through the horrendously abusive education that is ACE, I knew something had to be done, and I began campaigning. In 2012, NARIC completed a second study, and again validated the ICCE as comparable with A levels.

Here are some of the main posts to help you get your head around why this is important:

Eventually, the whole thing got so ridiculous that I’ve temporarily retired from blogging about it.

Survivor stories

I have also been collecting survivor stories from former ACE students. I’m still doing this. If you have experience of ACE, please tell me about it, and I will post it on the blog. Here are links to all the ones I’ve posted so far:

In the interests of fairness, I also post the stories of people who are in favour of ACE, although I get much less of these:

Other articles

I’ve also written online about ACE for the Guardian, the Times Education Supplement, and a few other places.

There are also good articles by other authors:

Please get in touch if you would like to write a survivor story for the blog.