Comment Policy

I expect the comments on my blog to follow common standards of politeness and decency. I reserve the right to delete posts which fail to meet these standards, and subject to moderation users who repeatedly submit such comments.

I believe in freedom of speech. I also believe it’s important to recognise that, no matter how certain you are about something, there’s a chance you could be wrong. If there’s enough evidence, you should always be prepared to change your mind.

Those two ideas, which I hold are central to adult discourse, were left out of my Accelerated Christian Education schooling. Opposing ideas were not encouraged. In fact, you could be punished for expressing the wrong ideas. And they knew the absolute truth, from God, so there was no question of their being wrong.

Because of this, I have an entirely open comment policy, with one exception.

If you post “proofs” of Creationism, or arguments for a young Earth, I will delete them. 

I am not trying to suppress your arguments. The internet has dozens of Creationist sites, and dozens more where these ideas are debated. You may debate them there.

I will delete them because I’ve heard them before.

I’m not interested. I know what you’re going to say, I’ve considered the evidence myself, and I know that you don’t have a case, Creationist. So don’t waste my time.

If you have something genuinely new to say, of course I will allow that. But I’ll be amazed if that happens.

Otherwise, have at it.