Spiritual Abuse Survivors

There are a lot of people like me – escapists and refugees from abusive forms of religion – blogging now. The Spiritual Abuse Survivors Blog Network, known by the deeply un-catchy acronym SASBN, is a way of working together to bring all these bloggers to your attention.

I’m proud to be a part of it. Anyone with a blog and a history of spiritual abuse can join, and there are great writers doing valuable work in it. In particular, I love Libby Anne’s, Samantha’s, Lana’s and Bruce’s writing. Please check out the other blogs, especially if you’re recovering from a nasty bout of being bashed about by a church. You’ll definitely find someone you can relate to in this list.

Thanks so much to Vyckie and Calulu for making this happen, and to all the bloggers who make it happen. We make so much more of a difference when we speak together.

No Longer Quivering – Vyckie Garrison

Seeking The Light – Calulu

Love, Joy, Feminism – Libby Anne

The Phoenix and the Olive Branch – Sierra

Wordgazer’s Words – Kristen Rosser

Incongruous Circumspection – Joe Sands

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Permission to Live – Melissa

Baptist Taliban and Beyond – Cindy Foster

Mari’s Muses – Mari

Past Tense Present Progressive – Latebloomer

Dispelled: One Girl’s Journey in a Homeschool Cult – Chandra Bernat

Hopewell Takes on Life!

The Way Forward – Bruce Gerencser

Becoming Worldly

Defeating The Dragons – Samantha

I Am Phoenix – AJ

Feminist in Spite of Them – Sarah Henderson

Quiver Full of Information

Rethinking Vision Forum