Christ and Church

Christ and Church January 24, 2007

Markus Barth gives a thrilling summary of Paul’s description of Christ and the church in Ephesians (I’ve left out the texts Barth refers to): “Christ was called the beloved Son; the church, the chosen people, God’s children. He, the administrator; they, the heirs. He, the risen; they, those raised with and in him. He, the savior; they, the saved. He, the head; they, his body and its members. He, the bringer of peace; they, the people reconciled with God and one another. He, the priest and sacrifice; they, the people worshiping God the Father. He, the keystone; they, the growing structure of God’s temple. He, the inhabitant in human hearts; they, the men filled with strength, knowledge, and love. He, the giver of heavenly gifts; the church, his public agent entrusted with an exemplary service in the world. He, the approaching royal bridegroom; she, the festive bridal party going out to meet him (4:13).” And finally, “Christ is The Loving Bridegroom; the church, the Beloved Bride.”

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