Man speaks himself

Man speaks himself February 12, 2007

Running through the four elements, Smart celebrates the air:

For the AIR. is purified by prayer which is made aloud and with all our might.
For loud prayer is good for weak lungs and for a vitiated throat.
For SOUND is propagated in the spirit and in all directions.
For the VOICE of a figure compleat in all its parts.
For a man speaks HIMSELF from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet.
For a LION roars HIMSELF compleat from head to tail.

For all these things are seen in the spirit which makes the beauty of prayer.
For all whispers and unmusical sounds in general are of the Adversary.
For ‘I will hiss saith the Lord’ is God’s denunciation of death.
For applause or the clapping of the hands is the natural action of a man on the descent of the glory of God.

“Man speaks HIMSELF,” Smart says, not in speech in general, but specifically in prayer.

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