Book of signs

Book of signs July 18, 2008

The first 12 chapters of John are commonly seen as John’s “book of signs.” There are seven signs, which may suggest a connection with the creation week. Some starting thoughts:

1. Water to wine, ch 2: Jesus’ manifests His glory, His light in the darkness of Israel.

2. Child raised from deathbed, ch 4: second sign (4:54; again in Cana)

3. Paralytic in Jerusalem, ch 5: Water plays a prominent role in the story.

4. Feeding of 5000, ch 6: They want to make Jesus king (6:15), like the luminaries.

5. Crossing the sea, ch 6: Water again prominent, and the fifth day is the day for sea creature.

6. Blind man receives sight, ch 9: Jesus makes a man new with clay, as in Genesis 2:7.

7. Lazarus raised from the dead, ch 11: Resurrection, new life, Sabbath.

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